What About Your Feet?

Today I started thinking about my feet. Not in a weird random way but in a more profound way. I realized my feet have been such a blessing.

My feet have carried me through this beautiful life. They have climbed mountains in Sri Lanka, walked through rain forests and cloud forests around the world. My feet have run from a large Orangutan in Indonesia, and have run towards a loved one I have missed desperately. My feet have walked miles through airports leading me to adventures, and short distances on a sandy beach to lay quietly in a hammock.

My feet have stood in defiance against someone who was trying to hurt me, they have walked slowly towards love as I prepared to say “I do”. They walked backwards in fins as I made my way into the ocean to dive. My feet ran fast as I chased my sister when I was young, and slowly as I let my nieces, nephews and grandchildren beat me in a race.

My feet have climbed stairs to reach the tops of Buddhist temples and to ride death defying roller coasters. They have tried their best to steady me on paddle boards, and on ice skates but there they have not succeeded. My feet have walked across graduation stages, and supported me, even though my legs shook relentlessly, as I gave a public speech. They stood firmly as I walked into my first day of school as a volunteer English teacher-

My feet have walked quickly through hospitals to meet new members of my family, and stoically as I walked to loved ones who were sick. They stood strong as blood ran down my face, able to hold fast even though I was in shock.

My feet have been still as I have hugged and held the people I love. They have carried me away and carried me towards every moment in my life.

Yet I took them for granted as they moved me through beautiful landscapes, pushed the pedals on my bike or steadied me as I held a crying child. No matter how tired they were my feet moved me through my business for years to help customers, to build relationships, and to create memories.

Today my feet are a reminder of the beautiful life I have, the experiences I have had and the moments, all of the beautiful moments that have shaped me, defined me and blessed me.

Over this past year I have not relied on them as much as normal, too many lockdowns and quarantines, but I know they are waiting to begin again-to start new adventures, to experience new things, to stand in strength when necessary and to lead me through the doors of my families homes. I know they will never fail me because that is not who I am. So for now I give them a rest, I remember all of the beauty I have experienced because of them and I vow to buy some really fantastic shoes to do them proud.

As all of us tire of the pandemic, of the restrictions and of aching hearts yearning to see the ones we love-perhaps it is worth taking a moment and giving thanks for what we have had-for all of the little moments, the huge moments, the quiet moments, the loud moments and the moments that are still waiting to be discovered.

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