Best Gifts For The Traveler On Your List

Looking for the best gifts for the traveler in your life? Here are my recommendations for the best gifts for anyone who loves to travel, whether they are just getting started or are on the road all year like me. You can’t go wrong with any of the gifts in my holiday gift guide this year. Most of them I couldn’t live without and a few of them I am hoping to get this year!


Ogio Backpack-Even though it is a little heavy on its own this backpack is perfect for traveling. I have carried it around the world for 2 years and it still looks brand new! It is stylish yet super functional with tons of pockets to organize everything I need.


Tile-My best friend bought this for me last year. I love carrying it in my Ogio backpack so I always know I can find it if something should happen to it.


Moleskine notebook-I am obsessed with Moleskins. I have a large one I use to document my trip, write down our itineraries etc. Then I always have small ones on me for notes, lists (I LOVE making lists), and writing story and blog ideas. Add the Moleskin pen and you have the perfect gift for anyone!


Scratch Map-I bought this for J. last year. When we settle down again it will be so cool to scratch off the countries we have been to and plan for the ones still on our list.


LL Bean Hanging Toiletry Kit-This is a staple for everyone in my family. My stepmom started buying them for us years ago and now we are all hooked! Love the small hanging bag that comes out and hangs in the shower. It makes it so easy to re-pack when it is time to leave.


AppleTV-We started carrying this with us this year and it made such a difference. Sometimes travelers need to chill out too, it is easy to get overstimulated when we are out discovering the world. Our AppleTV was perfect for the countries where English movies aren’t an option.


Airbnb Gift Card– Who wouldn’t love this?


itunes Gift Card-Music, books, and movies…what more could anyone want?


Blunt Metro Umbrella-My sister bought this for J. last year and we are now obsessed. It is the perfect size to carry in a small backpack, it is so well made, and totally holds up to crazy storms. Now I just need one…


Peace & Calming Essential Oil-I am not exaggerating when I say that I never leave home without this oil. It is amazing for my flight anxiety, for days when I just can’t get it together or just want to re-center. I LOVE this stuff!


Insignia Splitter-We have used a splitter since we got our first iPad. With the Insignia Splitter makes watching movies together possible no matter where we are.


Macbook Pro– couldn’t survive without this amazing machine.


Anker PowerCore 1000 -This has saved us many times when we didn’t have access to charging stations. There is nothing worse than needing to look up your next destination info and having a dead device. No traveler should be without one.


GlocalMe Hotspot-Unfortunately having internet access is a necessity when traveling and while it is more available in other countries than it is in the States there are still times when we need to get online to make arrangements or notify our next Airbnb host our boat or train is late. After 2 1/2 years of traveling without one we finally broke down this year and bought a mobile hotspot.

Travelers Gift Guide

Calpak Luggage-This Calpak luggage has traveled with me for over 3 years. It has been to over 25 countries in the world. I love it!


Bialetti Moka Express-This little coffee pot travels everywhere with us now. Decaf cappuccinos or espresso are all I drink so this little pot lets me have the perfect cup of coffee no matter where we are.

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