Jetwing Lake Hotel, Dambulla

I don’t usually write about specific hotels but after our stay at the Jetwing Lake Hotel I can’t help myself. The Jetwing Lake was an experience for us that we will never forget so I had to share it with everyone (we were not compensated in any way for our stay, or this post).


After realizing we had enough time to stop in Dambulla and Sigiriya again I did a quick search and was lucky enough to find the Jetwing Lake.  Since the Jetwing properties are the premiere properties in Sri Lanka I knew I had to book the Lake hotel so we didn’t leave Sri Lanka without a Jetwing experience.


The hotel is set off of the main road, tucked quietly into the natural setting of Dambulla. Somehow Jetwing was able to build this incredible resort seemingly without disturbing its surroundings. It beautifully blends into the countryside as an enhancement not as an intrusion. From the moment we drove into the driveway we felt immediate peace and serenity. Which is absolutely no wonder with the care they have given to make sure they take as little as possible from their surrounding environment.


The open reception area is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t get over the beautifully designed furniture with its clean and simple lines which invite you into the tranquil setting. The staff was immediately helpful, relaxed and welcoming. We were greeted with a delicious drink, a fresh flower and refreshing towels. Instantly we were transformed and engulfed in the serenity of this modern oasis.


Our room was pure luxury with impressive wood details, beautiful sofa, incredibly comfortable bed and a bathroom to die for. The rooms are spacious, with every ammenity you can imagine, including a huge bathtub. I was happy to find that there were no plastic toiletry bottles, only glass to minimize the impact on our planet. The Jetwing Lake also recycles the water used to maintain the gorgeous property. The large windows in our room and bathroom looked out over the stunning pool area, again melding us right into the gorgeous landscape.


The food was as incredible as the dining room design. Each person who served us did so with the utmost professionalism, making us feel as if we were the only guests in the restaurant. The open air concept is an extension of the feeling of being part of the natural surroundings. We ate our meals watching the birds, and wildlife and enjoying the incredibly cool breezes throughout the day. I did find that I had a major problem, which was not being able to stop myself from eating at the dinner buffet, and as a vegetarian that is a rare treat. As a design buff I was very impressed with the gorgeous furniture, ceiling fixtures (multi-colored spindles hung together as chandeliers) and the impeccable layout. There was actually a desert room, salad room, and bread room for those of you who like to eat!


As our last day approached we were overcome with a feeling of wanting to stay longer, and we found we weren’t the only ones. A guest we talked to commented on trying to figure out how to bolt themselves in their rooms so they could stay another week. While there are quite a few rooms and suites at the Jetwing the pool was never crowded, in fact the design of the hotel has provided so many different places for guests you often can relax without seeing anyone else. Each and every staff member treated all of us as if we were the only guests. The pride in their jobs, and the company they work for was evident at every gesture.

One thing that is so important to me is the impact we are having on our planet as we travel. Jetwing Lake surprised and impressed me with their dedication to our planet. The do not ship any organic waste off of the property and all garden waste is composted on site and all food waste is fed to a biogas digester for renewable energy production on the site. The Jetwing Lake has easily shown that it is possible to have a beautiful 5 star quality hotel without sacrificing the dedication the surrounding environment. All of these things combined made it one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had in our world travels.

I told J several times that the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and all of the other five star hotels we have stayed at should take a lesson from the staff and management of the Jetwing Lake.

It is an absolute must to stay at the Jetwing Lake hotel while you are in Sri Lanka. You won’t forget it! It is easy to get to Dambulla Cave, Golden Temple and Sigiriya from the hotel so don’t worry about staying a little off the main road.

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