Wanderlust Wins Again

When your passion is traveling and you feel you can’t be content until you see the world what do you do?

Well, if you are me you plan another big adventure for 2017!

In February we are off again and I can’t wait! We are planning on being gone for up to 6 months, depending on how budget and work end up. Here is our goal list of places to see:


1. Thailand-definite things are to play with elephants at this sanctuary, dive, stay in the ecofloatel, and see the buddhist temples, monasteries and statues


2. Sri Lanka-absolutely must snorkel with blue whales, and take this trek up Adam’s Peak at sunrise, tea plantations, Golden Temple of Dambulla and the Yala National Park


3. Malaysia-dive until I am water logged


4. Indonesia-this is a bit of a toss up for us. I have heard that Bali isn’t all that it once was but how do you visit Indonesia without going to Bali? I am interested in Lombok if we go…


5. Seychelles or Maldives or both-must see these islands before they are gone, tons of diving again

image from triumphrainbow

6. Morocco-must make a clay pot dinner in the market of Marakesh and have it cooked in a local oven, have to spend a week in Chefchaouen getting lost in the streets of blue, gawk endlessly at the incredible architecture (I fear I may fall deeply in love with this country and not want to leave)


7. Italy-visit our friends, see more of Venice and hopefully Positano again-the rest is up for grabs


8. Spain-if time permits I want to get lost in Barcelona and drink coffee in cafes while pondering the amazing architecture of Gaudi


9. France-spend time with our friends we miss desperately and finally walk the streets of Paris

So, if you have recommendations I would love to hear them! Now I am off to start planning and will keep you posted as we plan our next great adventure.

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