Back in the States

We came back to the states four days ago from Utila, Honduras. It hasn’t been as shocking of a transition as our move back from Italy 9 years ago. However, there are still some things I will miss, and some things I won’t. I have been adding and subtracting from the list over the last 4 days but feel like this is pretty much the summary:

Things I will miss about living in Utila:

  1. My friends and students!
  2. The ocean
  3. Getting everywhere (or almost everywhere) by boat
  4. The quiet
  5. Knowing people where ever we went.
  6. The lack of traffic, everyone being busy all the time and rushing.
  7. Not hearing and seeing TV’s everywhere
  8. The stars at night
  9. Speaking/Learning Spanish
  10. Scuba diving!
  11. Not freezing in air conditioning everywhere
  12. Plantain chips

Things I won’t miss about living in Utila:

  1. The sandflies (no-seeums)
  2. Lack of food options in the grocery store
  3. The difficulty of getting anywhere from our remote section of the island
  4. The mosquitos
  5. Sweating most of the time
  6. The sandflies (no-seeums)
  7. Not being able to sit outside because of the bugs
  8. Lack of good coffee
  9. Lizard poop

The experience I had truly changed me. I am a better person because of this experience. I miss the friends we made and my students everyday it is amazing how these kind and wonderful people all touched our hearts so deeply!

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