Limitless Possibilities

What I love most about life is the limitless possibilities. At any moment things can shift and change, we can go in a new direction with nothing more than a different decision than we made the day before. It keeps life robust, exciting and challenging.

Seeing life as a series of events, emotions and relationships that we rearrange when we want, or need helps to really keep things in perspective for me. Everything is fluid so when things are bad, they don’t ever stay that way. When things are going great, enjoy it and embrace the attitude you have in those moments and try to take that attitude with you everyday.

I am at the point of change again, getting ready to head back to the U.S. for  (hopefully only) a few months then off to our next adventure. I know that as we rearrange our lives, our prospective plans and thoughts it is best not to hold on to any expectations, fears or angst. Moving forward has too many exciting opportunities to look back, or hold on, for if we do then we will miss whatever is coming next.

Find the joy in change, embrace and you never know what is waiting for you in the next step, the next moment, or the next conversation. Our limitless lives can be as full as we want them to be, don’t be afraid.

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