Things You Won’t See In America

  • A man riding on a scooter through town holding an eight foot ladder on his shoulder
  • A baby standing on her moms leg as they ride a moped through town
  • People leaving their luggage in the ferry station lobby, unattended, while they go to get coffee
  • Men climbing a greased pole, which is tied to a fence, competing to see who can climb to the top to get the money that was fastened there.


  • A ticket seller at a mass transit counter who remembers all the passengers by name to make sure they catch the off schedule ferry
  • Most stores closing and schools closing in a community so the residence can attend the funeral of another local person
  • People selling amazing food they cook at home on the street & everyone lining up to buy it
  • A small child going alone to buy food at a concession stand at a city event because it is so safe no one has to go with him
  • Five Star resorts without keys to lock the room_dsc0301
  • A section of chairs in the bank for people over 60 to sit and wait so they don’t have to stand in lines
  • Children jumping off the docks at their back door, into the ocean in their underwear
  • The local store running tabs for groceries because they know you will come pay it in a few days
  • Docks and walkways over the ocean with no hand rails, child protection railing or liability signage
  • An airport runway where you grab your own bags off a plane, pay for your ticket and give the pilot a hug before heading on your way
  • Me flying as “co-pilot” on a 3 passenger plane

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