Getting Ready To Move

So I am not Theodore Roosevelt. I know this. However, I am starting to wonder if there is some relationship to the way he traveled for his exploration of the Amazon and the way I am packing for my trip to Utila. The closer we get to the date we leave the more I feel I should be packing just in case I can’t get it in Utila and I decide I must have it in the next 6 months.

Is this rational? Probably not. Do other people do it? I hope so! In fact I try to tell myself that it is completely normal. However, my husband, who is always the worrier, seems to think throwing whatever shorts and scuba equipment he has into a suitcase is just fine. So what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I becoming more and more preoccupied with what type of food I am going to be able to buy in the grocery store (being a vegetarian might mean I can justify this one) or how difficult will it be to buy random household supplies like an iron if I need one? Over the weekend I went to the Apple store and felt like a squirrel before winter. I  started checking on all of charging devices we have and trying to justify buying new ones “just in case”.

I decided a few weeks ago I would sacrifice my books for supplies for the school because we can only take so much luggage before I have to charter my own ship. I am fine with this, well I was fine with it until I started packing our suitcases. It seems my lack of ability to spatially recognize and plan is really a problem. So this week I am whittling away at what I “really” need. This is going to be a good exercise for me. I don’t have much left since we sold almost everything but now I get to push even further, I am excited because I feel like the more I do this the closer I get to who I really am and what is really important in this life.

So far a few knitting projects and knitting needles are essential. A few books, essential (the rest I will compromise and get ebooks). My Wustoff chef’s knife, essential. My reading light, and journals, essential. Sunscreen, chapstick, dive equipment-all essential. Other than that, I will keep you posted.

In the meantime I will joyfully be packing all of the wonderful school supplies and teaching supplies. Every time something else gets packed I am filled with joy and excitement. It takes my mind off of some of the silly little things I still hold on to as essential.



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