The Oldest City-St. Augustine

As we pulled into St. Augustine I felt a sense of excitement come over me. The town looked full of charm and character which was unexpected for me. We turned on Aviles Street looking for a bed and breakfast. I was immediately reminded of our visit to Brugge, Belgium. The buildings were small, and quaint. The stucco walls are painted white and beige, looking clean and bright. I didn’t realize Aviles Street was the oldest street in the U.S. until we drove through the quaint little arch welcoming one onto the street.

We ended up not finding a hotel in the town because of all of the events happening that weekend so we stayed outside of town and commuted in the next morning. I will say that this is the one disadvantage to just traveling at will, you have to roll with the changes in how things are going to be.

We woke the next morning with great anticipation for our explorations in the old town of St. Augustine. We, as we do, woke up and hit the road early. We parked by the water, ate breakfast and then headed out.

We found the beautiful buildings of Flagler College immediately and wandered the campus there for a while. It is pristine and welcoming, a peaceful retreat to be sure.


IMG_1974_DSC0001_DSC0002 (1)

Here are some of the other architecture that we loved in St. Augustine.



To be honest I felt like it was a bit of a facade. This adorable looking town seemed to me to be so focused on tourists that aside from the architecture it was really quite hollow. I say this as a person who loves to avoid tourist areas and find the true meat and soul of a city…

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