So normally I wouldn’t write about a store I saw in a town I was visiting, but this one, Chocolat, this one was so special that it actually made me fall harder in love with Savannah than I was before seeing it.

I was at first drawn to the shop because of this window display:


Cute right? Then I looked in the front door and was immediately beckoned in by the incredible interior. At first I equated it with our favorite shop in Lucca, Italy which sold chocolates, but as I walked in I saw it was something all its own. I need to take a minute here to inform you that I am not a chocolate lover, in fact I don’t eat many sweets at all, but this chocolate shop, well it is something so special that you must go in just to appreciate the incredible creativity of this magical place.

The floor is the plastic astro-turf which is soft and compelling, welcoming you in as you leave the city streets. Each soft grey bookcase is full of books, trinkets and more, adding an element of mystery. At first the stunning little pieces of chocolate are not visible, there is too many other quirky and interesting things to look at.


Then, a voice. From a woman we didn’t even notice. She greeted us and explained what this enchanting place was. She explained how to get our chocolates and how each of the flavors were artfully displayed behind the glass doors in each cabinet. Then, she left us to discover the wonder of this place.


These are the three we bought.  (My husband couldn’t wait to take a bite so ignore the tooth marks in the honey chocolate on the right.)


Honey, a spicy chocolate, and a pistachio chocolate. I, the person who doesn’t care about chocolate, moaned as the local honey dripped onto my lips from the chocolate, it was heaven. Then, for the little piece, which would almost bring me to tears, flaked with tiny bits of gold, the spicy chocolate (evidently a local coffee shop uses this chocolate to make a coffee drink, which unfortunately I did not have time to try). I am telling you this, promising you this, it was in fact the best piece of chocolate I have ever eaten, it was an experience, not a bite.


When I go back to Savannah believe me I will visit both locations of this incredible treasure. Hats off to Adam Turoni for creating such an incredible place and for making chocolate that made me fall in love.

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