Discovering Something New

My favorite part about moving to a new place is discovering all of the new things there. I love the different plants, foods, stores, landscape, weather etc. It is all so fun for me. While I have been to Florida many times to visit our family this is the first time we have looked at it as temporary residents.  The adventure of finding new places and figuring out how to get around has softened the blow for me of this transition.

It has been a bit of a struggle for us, leaving our dream home, our friends, our wonderful neighborhood, my staff and selling my business has been a lot all in one month. I am working to stop the struggle and to be grateful for this gift of time with my family which I may never get again. I know how lucky I am to be able to spend so much time with my amazing grandson and son and daughter-in-law, believe me. But there is still this part of me that doesn’t know what to do without my job, my house, my friends, my bike, my car etc. I am figuring it out. I am learning how to relax again, enjoying the time I have to cook, to actually read a book and to just sit quietly meditating or doing yoga.

We are so excited about the journey we are going to embark on that sometimes it is hard for me to sit still here, but I am reminded that when we move on there will be times I desperately want to be with my family so I am soaking in every minute of that now, and trying to focus less on who am I supposed to be now, there will be time for that. Right now I am supposed to be Amma (my special name as grandma), step-mom and mother-in-law which are pretty wonderful things to be.


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