How to Sell Your House in 48 Hours.


Our house was my dream house. It was built in 1891. It is located in the largest Victorian housing district still in tact in the U.S. When we were living in Italy my sister sent me the listing for our house and jokingly said, hey you should buy this one. It was WAY out of our price range at that time but I fell in love. Nothing we looked at for almost a year compared. We were just about to make an offer on another property when I looked across the street and there sat my dream house, no for sale sign, but it seriously called to me. We waited on signing the papers on the other house and put our realtor on the task of finding out what was going on with my dream house. It was just getting ready to go on the market again but a lot cheaper, just slightly out of the range we wanted to be in.

My husband, who is a dog on a bone when necessary, made it his mission to get me this house. He met with the owner one day and all but begged him to sell us the house, and he did! We moved in 30 days later and started a renovation that lasted the entire time we lived here, just wrapping up a week ago.


Our house has all the original hardware, flooring, moulding etc. from when it was first built. I always felt so honored that we were only the fourth people who had ever owned the home. It has been an amazing place for me and my family and I leave it next month with love and gratitude for all of the special memories. (I will post pics when we move).

DSC_0310.jpgOur house sold in 48 hours. I am so happy that the right people came in to the house of my dreams and fell in love. They made an offer and owned it within a few hours of seeing the house.

So, how do you sell a house in 48 hours? Fill it with love, make it as beautiful as you can, make a big bet with your husband, find a realtor who thinks it is as amazing as you do and then turn it over to the universe to the rest. (I know, I am lucky I listed at the right time in a hot market, in an amazing neighborhood. But my whole family has had these experiences in different states and neighborhoods, actually selling in 12 and 24 hours.)

I did win the bet, of course I will probably never see the prize (my husband is notorious for not paying up when he loses). But most of all I win this amazing feeling of taking something and filling it with love and memories that I will take with me forever.

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