This picture describes what has been going on with us for the last 8 years, waiting.

Eight years ago we moved back to the States from Italy. It was devastating for us. We loved living abroad and the move back was such a great loss, we grieved for years.

One night when my husband and I were taking a walk through our incredible historic neighborhood in Richmond (our substitute for Luca, Italy where we lived for 15 months)  I turned to him and said “God, please don’t tell me that Italy was it for us. I am too young for that to be it. I want a lifetime of adventures.” He looked at me, like he has so many times before, as if I am completely crazy. “Of course it wasn’t, we were just getting started.”

That set the tone for the goal. The goal that would hang between us and total happiness for 7 more years. The goal to check out again, to leave the conventional life behind, to live simply and happily.

Last year the fog cleared, an idea began to form and we said, “That is it. Enough of this life, working too much and losing too much time.” We decided to make a move. A BIG move. Another sell everything and go move. Only this time we are one month away from that day and have no idea where we are going or what is in store for us.

Our friends are enjoying our adventurous spirit. They seem to love to hear what a chance we are taking. Maybe so they can go home and feel better about their stability or maybe because for a moment it lets them dream about what they could do if they just jumped in, let go and went for it.

This blog is going to serve as our record of our journey. It will be about our struggles, our triumphs, our discoveries, our adventures, the lessons we learn, the people we meet, and the absolutely amazing accomplishment of letting go and following our dream.

I read some post on Facebook about building a life you don’t want a vacation from and then a day later there was a post about living the life you dream of everyday. That is what we intend on doing.

(This picture was taken by us in Roatan.)

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